Wholesale Havaianas

We have a minimum order of 240 pairs for Havaianas. Simply email us or fill in our contact us form and we will send you our price list with catalog of pictures.

Havaianas is a worldwide trademark of the Alpargatas S.A, a brazillian company. Havaianas are made with a secret rubber formula which allows for a very comfortable and blister free sandal. Over the years they have made hundreds of models from high heel havaianas to slim havaianas. Each model normally comes with its own 4-20 colors and designs. They even make glow in the dark 4Nite havaianas.

When buying wholesale flip flops, you should remember that each pair are marked with Brazil, USA and European sizes. The sizes often run large. We have in our pricelist form the havaianas size conversion for UK, USA, BRAZIL in baby, kids, womens and mens. We have added as well the length of each pair of havaianas in cm and inches for more precise ordering. 

Our wholesale havaianas come directly from Brazil. Brazil is the only country where havaianas are legally manufactured. If you find wholesale havaianas online for sale from china please be very careful as they are not genuine.

All of our havaianas come with an official havaianas labeling, hangers and individual boxes. If you are reselling online or offline you may use the current upc/ean codes attached to each box and pair of havaianas to scan your new inventory. This allows for a faster shipping and receiving process.

If you are making your first order of wholesale sandals and do not know which wholesale havaianas to order please tell us your region and country and we can make a first order based on best sellers from your area. 

Most havaiana models come in various sizes and colors. When purchased from the factory they come in either 12 pairs of the same: Model>Color>Size or what is called a GRADE, which is 12 pairs of a specified assortment of the same Model>Color but in different sizes.

Buying 10-20 grades of the best sellers from your area is the best option when starting to sell havaianas online or offline. This allows for the new havaianas retailer to carry a larger assortment of havaianas and cover a large size selection. 

For more information in ordering wholesale havaianas please contact us at sales@eviro.org we will send you our pricelist/order form.